Estate Planning

You’re putting your business in order. We also find that there is a point where you want to have all the personal affairs in order. We work with your lawyer so that your business & assets can be directed by your will.

Our expertise in this field means that tax is minimised by an estate & beneficiaries. We make sure that cashflow continues to flow. Flexibility is built into our estate plans.

We support & advise executors in handling the accounting, tax & distribution for an estate. An executor can be in the position of looking after an estate for varying times, from 6 months to many years. The accounting, tax & management can be complex & onerous. We help executives understand the issues & look after the accounting requirements. Typical executor needs are:

  • Valuation of assets
  • Summary of assets & liabilities
  • Accounting for income & expenses
  • Tax return preparation
  • Tax impact on sale or distribution of assets.

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