Taxation Services

We work in a world of constantly changing tax structures and requirements.  Every business, whether large or small, needs cost-effective tax management and the help of experienced professionals in order to improve tax advantages, minimise tax exposure, and reduce risk.

The Business Partnership offers taxation services across a range of client needs, and delivers a seamless level of service to help you plan and manage your taxes.

Tax services for businesses

Constructive tax advice and planning can give your business a competitive edge.  Our experienced team works with clients to find opportunities for significant tax savings.  We will:

  • Provide effective, tailored strategies to help you plan and manage your corporate taxes.
  • Prepare and review Income Tax returns.
  • Assist, advise, and represent should your business face a Tax Audit.
  • Advise on business mergers, purchase & sales.
  • Advise on Income Tax, GST, and Capital Gains Tax Fringe Benefits Tax, Payroll Tax, Land Tax.
  • Advise on how to get the most from both franking credits and rebates.
  • Advise on PAYG withholding and installments.
  • Negotiate payment arrangements with the ATO – possibly accessing interest free arrangements.

Mergers and Acquisitions / Business Structure for Optimal Tax Advantages

We advise on a range of specific tax issues to do with mergers, purchase & sales transactions, including business structure.

Our experienced team will:

  • Recommend how to structure your business for optimal tax advantages.
  • Counsel on corporate, trusts, joint ventures and other business structures.
  • Assist in effectively ‘winding down’ an entity whether company, trust or SMSF.
  • Give tax advice on valuations, and how to maximise the cash from your business sale.

GST and other compliance obligations

There are a number of indirect taxes which must be taken into consideration in any business tax planning.  These include the Goods and Services Tax (GST),  Land Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, and Payroll Tax.

A number of these compliance obligations are quite complex and, in some cases, the existing law can be ambiguous.  Our team is experienced in dealing with the Business Activity Statement (BAS) and will help you with various rulings from the Australian Tax Office.

For optimum tax benefits, GST obligations need to be integrated into the complete business planning package.

Capital Gains Tax

We can help you minimise your  Capital Gains Tax (CGT).  Our experienced team will:

  • Maximise your CGT concessions.
  • Advise on the restructuring of business structures where CGT is concerned.
  • Advise on the rollover and transfer of assets between different business structures.
  • Analyse the impact of CGT on your business transactions.
  • Recommend Small Business concessions.
  • Advise on Goodwill and other exceptions.

Tax services for individuals

We provide the complete range of tax services for individual tax obligations.  Our experienced team will:

  • Provide effective, tailored strategies to help you plan and manage your individual taxes and advise on ways in which you can prevent your income from excessive taxation.
  • Prepare and review your individual Tax returns.
  • Advise on tax deferral possibilities.
  • Advise on Capital Gains Tax, particularly in regard to plans for retirement.
  • Recommend estate and succession tax plans.
  • Assist, advise and represent in the event of a tax audit.

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